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A Place for Everything

October 8, 2015
Australia’s Transport and Logistics Industry is experiencing an unprecedented period of growth. The Transport & Logistics Industry Skills Council’s 2015 E-Scan shows job growth levels of 5.7% since 2013 and a $4.6b rise in revenue over the last 12 months. Community Training Initiatives (CTI) and our training partners can help you get a head start in your warehousing career with qualifications and licences directly relating to Industry skills needs. Forklift Licence and Order-Picking Forklift Licence With more, and bigger, warehouses being built across Australia, there is a high demand for qualified Forklift Operators. The TLILIC2001A Licence to operate a forklift truck and TLILIC2002A Licence to operate an order-picking forklift truck qualifications prepare students to operate and perform basic maintenance tasks on Forklift and Order-Picking Forklift Trucks. With practical instruction and evaluation included in both courses, you will not only earn your Operator’s licence, but also finish the course with valuable ‘hands-on’ expertise. Warehousing Operations and Logistics New automation and tracking technologies as well as higher speed and efficiency demands are disrupting traditional models of Warehousing Operation. This has created a demand for specialists in Warehouse Operations with up-to-date and adaptable skills and knowledge. With qualifications in Warehousing Operations and Logistics available from Certificate II to IV, CTI and its training partners are able to provide you with nationally accredited training from trainers with real industry experience and insights. Available courses: TLI21610 Certificate II in Warehousing Operations TLI31610 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations TLI32410 Certificate III in Logistics TLI41810 Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations TLI42010 Certificate IV in Logistics Competitive Systems and Practices With the increasing demand for speed and accuracy comes the increasing need for people who can analyse and interpret the successes and failures of an individual warehousing environment and find ways of improving effectiveness. The MSS30312 Certificate III in Competitive systems and practices and MSS40312 Certificate IV in Competitive systems and practices qualifications teach you to assess a workplace for process flow, bottlenecks and WHS requirements, determine solutions for identified problems, and assess their effectiveness after implementation.   Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your Warehousing career or get started in one, a course from CTI’s training partners can give you a head start with top-quality industry knowledge and nationally accredited skills training.

What’s Your Perfect Summer Job?

September 29, 2015
Want to indulge your passion for sport or fitness while getting paid and meeting new people? Our last entry explored the various career paths that a SIS30113 Certificate III in Aquatics could lead to, but if the water’s not your thing, we’ve still got you covered for that sweet summer job. Read on to discover a range of exciting options to fill up your summer. Personal Training Courses Are you passionate about fitness and have the drive to motivate others? If so, a career in personal training might just be for you. Whether you’re working in a gym or training privately with clients, you’ll need a solid theoretical understanding of physiology and exercise principles to keep your customers safe and deliver them the best possible outcomes. A SIS30313 Certificate III in Fitness will prepare you to work autonomously as an exercise instructor in gyms and other fitness facilities, taking charge of both individuals and group activities. A SIS40210 Certificate IV in Fitness takes this training to the next level, allowing you to work across a range of facilities as well as privately as a personal trainer. You’ll also be prepared to develop and deliver fitness programs to clients with specific needs, including children and the elderly. If you decide to take on the SIS5013 Diploma of Fitness, you’ll utilise your knowledge of anatomy to develop specialised fitness regimes for clients with medical conditions, including metabolic, musculoskeletal, and cardiorespiratory issues. Sports and Recreation Courses More interested in working with larger groups or communities? Think about pursuing a course in sports and recreation. This certification allows you to take charge of communal recreational activities, while providing you with a background in first aid and customer service. A SIS20313 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation will introduce you to the industry, providing training in key areas like responding to emergency situations, while also updating your knowledge of sport, fitness, and recreation. Whether you’re leading a cycling class or working as an activity assistant, you’ll learn the fine art of facilitating community development through recreational activities. A SIS30513 Certificate III in Sport and Recreation lets you take this training further, teaching you how to coordinate and run sports groups for clients of a variety of ages, whether you’re working as a coach or activity coordinator. Sport Coaching Already an expert in your chosen sport and like the thought of coaching others? By partnering with Tennis Australia, we’re able to offer tailored training to teach you the ins and outs of tennis coaching. Spend the long summer days sweating it out on the court as a certified tennis coach. The SIS20513 Certificate II in Sport Coaching serves as an introduction to coaching, and is designed to train you to develop the skills of junior tennis players. You’ll work with beginner and novice participants and aid them in developing fundamental motor skills and practising basic moves. The SIS20513 Certificate III in Sport Coaching focuses on planning, delivering, and reflecting on coaching sessions, while creating a positive

Hit the Pool Today

September 15, 2015
Different Careers in the Aquatic Industry If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your summer, a Certificate III in Aquatics might be the right course for you. Spend the long summer days splashing around in the pool while gaining an entry level qualification to set you up for a career in the aquatics industry. Whether you want to be a lifeguard, a swim teacher, or work behind the scenes as a technical operator, we’ve got your summer covered. Lifeguard Course Fancy yourself a strong swimmer? As the pool lifeguard, you’ll be responsible for patrolling the aquatic environment and ensuring the safety of all swimmers. You’ll need to be ready to respond to emergency situations and use accident prevention procedures to avert them where possible. A Certificate III in Aquatics will prepare you to perform advanced water rescues, provide emergency care to clients, and administer oxygen in emergency situations. Swimming Lessons Swimming is an essential life skill, and as a swimming teacher you’ll help children and adults to feel at home in the water. In the Cert III, you’ll learn the different levels of instruction and develop the necessary tools to deliver effective learning. A range of skills are required to instruct swimming lessons, including familiarising clients with the water and helping them to develop buoyancy skills, instructing clients in water safety and survival skills, and teaching clients a variety of swimming strokes. You’ll also need to be able to perform basic water rescues. Aquatic Technical Operator If you’re more interested in the technical side of Aquatics, consider becoming an Aquatic Technical Operator. You’ll be in charge of a range of behind the scenes operations, including monitoring and maintaining pool water quality, operating and maintaining aquatic facility equipment, and undertaking risk analysis. The Cert III will teach you the techniques of chemical treatment, filtration, and mechanical system operation and maintenance. Looking for a hands-on summer job with a wealth of career opportunities? The Certificate III in Aquatics might be right for you. This very practical course is taught across several pool facilities, and with only 5 theoretical units, you won’t be spending much time with your head in a book. If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding way to get started in the health and fitness industry, CTI can connect you with the skills to thrive this summer.

Diversity in the Hospitality Industry

September 11, 2015
Discover a Range of Exciting Possibilities While the word ‘hospitality’ might conjure up images of bow-tied waiters, there’s a lot more to it than just bussing food. This increasingly broad industry covers a wide range of job roles, including baking and patisserie, bartending, and even gaming. If you have good interpersonal and customer service skills, as well as a passion for cuisine, this might be the industry for you. With the support of our training partners, CTI can connect you with a variety of courses across different areas of the Hospitality industry. When you train with our network, you get more than skills – you gain access to real industry experience and expertise, from trainers who know what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive sector. SIT40313 Certificate IV in Hospitality This generalised qualification is the perfect introduction to a career in Hospitality, and our flexible course options allow you to concentrate on one of several different specialities. One option is food and beverage service, which will set you up for a career as a Food and Beverage or Catering Manager. You’ll be responsible for consulting with clients and arranging functions, recruiting and managing staff, and designing menus in consultation with the chef. FDF30710 Certificate III in Retail Baking If you have a passion for baked goods, our Certificate III in Retail Baking might be more your style. The combined certificate prepares to produce a range of delicious delicacies, including bread, pastries, cakes, and cookies. You’ll also learn some practical skills, like food safety procedures, environmentally sustainable work practices, and first aid. SIT31113 Certificate III in Patisserie & SIT40713 Certificate IV in Patisserie Ever dreamed of being a pâtissier? Indulge your passion for pastry with a Certificate III or IV in Patisserie. As a pastry chef you’ll prepare, bake, and decorate a variety of pastries, cakes, and other goodies. If you go on to do the Certificate IV, you’ll learn the necessary skills to take charge of your working environment, including small business planning, rostering staff, and preparing financial documents. SIT30813 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery Fancy yourself a whiz in the kitchen? Our Certificate III in Commercial Cookery will prepare you to work in a range of kitchen environments, from cafes to restaurants to catering companies. Combine your passion for cooking with the practical skills you’ll need to make it in the kitchen, including hygienic food practices, first aid training, and workplace communication. Hospitality is an exciting and ever-changing industry, with a vast range of exciting opportunities. At CTI, we’re committed to connecting you with the training you need succeed in this competitive sector. Follow the links above and check out one of our courses today.

Innovation in the Modern Kitchen

September 7, 2015
What’s New in the Hospitality Industry?   The modern restaurant has become a site for innovation, with chefs and restauranteurs constantly seeking new creative directions. The examples below demonstrate some of the more inventive ways being used by establishments to distinguish themselves from the pack. For a Limited Time Only Kitchen LTO has found a unique method of staying in vogue: completely reinventing itself every six months. The permanent pop-up restaurant, located in West Dallas, Texas, introduces a new chef, a new menu concept, and finds a new artist to revamp its interior design two times a year. Adding even more intrigue, customers are able to vote on their preferred applicant through LTO’s website and social media channels. 21st Century Dining Technology and fine dining may not seem like an obvious combination, but some unconventional owners have come up with inventive ways to combine the two. At Taranta of Boston, Massachusetts, Chef-Owner José Duarte serves Southern Italian food with a Peruvian twist. Diners might be surprised by the rather modern garnish decorating their plate: a QR code intricately drawn in squid ink. Once scanned with a smart phone, they will be taken to one of a variety of sites, some sourcing the dish’s ingredients, others sharing the recipe, or providing the historical background of the dish. True Food Kitchen in Dallas, Texas, is also taking advantage of smart phone technology. Rather than handing out clunky and harsh buzzers to alert customers to their waiting table, they simply register your phone number and send an automated text when it’s time to dine. From Farm to Table As more and more consumers begin to question the origins of their food, some chefs are seizing the opportunity to produce their own ingredients. Seattle’s Agrodolce have embraced the locavore trend by milling grains to produce their own flour, which is then used to create the restaurant’s signature pasta. Meanwhile, in Chicago, The Publican chefs Paul Kahan and Cosmo Goss have indulged their love of charcuterie by starting their own whole animal butchery, supplying quality meats and salami to be served in the restaurant. Old World Meets New It’s not only restaurants that are embracing innovation, as the medicinal cocktail bar Drogerie Miami demonstrates. Taking inspiration from old-fashioned apothecaries, the menu is grouped into a variety of categories including health and beauty, aphrodisiacs, stimulants, and pain killers. Tria Taproom, located in Philadelphia, has its own unique approach – as the name suggests, there are no bottles in the entire bar. Instead, the taproom has over two dozen draft beers, a dozen draft wines, as well as draft ciders and draft sodas, all on tap. Culinary Poetics Food is often described as an art form, but some chefs interpret this more literally than others. At Atelier Crenn, Chef Dominique Crenn combines visually stunning food with poetry, bringing an element of surprise to the dining experience with abstractly named dishes like ‘Where the broad ocean leans against the Spanish land’ and ‘I take a sip of Spring’.